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We are working hard to reduce our carbon emissions and overall impact on the environment.

At Go Traffic Management, we know the increasing importance of environmental awareness and responsibility, and are aware that our daily operations have an impact on the environment around us.

As part of our commitment to reduce this impact, we have implemented a series of interventions, such as:

  • Using GPS systems to track operatives, which allows us to identify the closest operative to attend a call out and reduce miles.
  • Operating and maintaining low CO2 emission vehicles.
  • Recycling old signage and cones.
  • Recycling batteries.
  • Using environmentally friendly equipment e.g. Solar Powered Variable Message Signs.
  • Swapping towing trailers for Tail-Lift vans.
  • Selecting plant and equipment based on sustainability and carbon criteria.
  • Trialling and testing latest / innovative tools, equipment, and techniques aimed at delivering environmental benefits and reducing impact on the environment.