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We implement innovative solutions that reduce costs and carbon emissions, minimise disruption for road users, and improve service for our clients.

Go Traffic Management’s approach to innovation is collaborative at heart. Working with our supply chain and strategic supply partners, we review and improve the products we use and the services we offer on an ongoing basis. Every innovation introduced reflects the needs and priorities of our clients, with a focus on improving the experience of the end user.

We have worked closely with our Strategic Supply Partner, SRL, to develop and implement a range of innovations, including the Multiphase Adaptive Detection System, Haul Route PLUS, Instaboom Lite, Portable CCTV, Smart Messenger, and Smart High-Speed Messenger.

pedestrian crossing
instaboom barrier closed


This fully automated system adjusts temporary traffic light parameters to meet the needs of the real time traffic patterns, proven to reduce queue lengths by up to 50%.

The Adaptive Detection System offers key benefits such as:

  • Quick installation
  • 0 site visits required for time alterations
  • 50% reduction in congestion (vs standard signals)
  • False start rectification
  • Adapts to traffic conditions in real time
  • Used for up to 4-way control.
temporary traffic light


This unique system provides safe, cost-effective crossing of public highways for major projects and schemes at junctions and major haul routes, keeping your workforce safe while minimising disruption to the main carriageway.

Working with Instaboom Lite, Haul Route PLUS offer benefits including:

  • Remote monitoring for signal status and battery voltage
  • Longer battery life
  • Controlled remotely by an on-site operative
  • Mains or battery operated
  • Option to add CCTV
  • ANPR enabled
  • 24/7 support.


The Instaboom Lite is a lightweight solar hybrid work zone barrier system that enables restricted access for short-term schemes. When used with ANPR, it has the potential to predefine access onto or through your work area based on registration plates, allowing your workforce, local businesses or residents access while restricting access to all other vehicles.

Key benefits of the Instaboom Lite are:

  • Quick installation
  • Portable (48kgs)
  • Sturdy for all site conditions/terrain
  • Easily creates safety zone for site
  • On-site remote control
  • Telematics
  • Hybrid: solar/110V top up.
instaboom barrier installation
cones with keep right signage


SRL’s 360⁰ Monitoring Portable CCTV is high performance system that works in low light situations, providing a 24/7 360° view. A multi-camera solution can be configured to meet the exact needs of your site, in a single system.

Alongside increased security you can expect benefits and specifications such as:

  • Quickly installed
  • Remote access
  • 30-day continuous recording
  • Long battery life
  • 12 MP dome with 360° panoramic view in all light conditions
  • IK10 rating for protection against vandalism.


Minimise disruption and keep road-users informed with this variable message system. Designed specifically as a UK traffic management product, the Smart Messenger is a great solution for roads with speeds up to 60mph, primarily in urban settings.

The Smart Messenger is a solution for:

  • Speed display
  • Site safety
  • Events
  • Public and safety information
  • Speed restrictions and limits
  • Parking management, information, and direction.
smart high speed messenger road sign
Smart high speed messenger road sign


Using similar technology as the Smart Messenger, the Smart High-Speed Messenger provides a bespoke solution for UK high speed dual carriageways and motorways.

The Smart High-Speed Messenger offers additional capabilities such as:

  • Journey time capability
  • GPRS tracking
  • Speed radar
  • Speed display
  • Speed activated messaging.


SRL’s innovative portable Urban Traffic Management and Control (UTMC) system allows Local Authorities to remotely control temporary traffic lights from their in-station, coordinating with the nearby network of permanent traffic light systems resulting in a seamless solution, and reducing the disruption caused by temporary traffic lights.

Notable benefits of the UTMC include:

  • Offline/local fix-time plan control
  • Real time alerts
  • Connection to network of nearby systems.

Dedicated UTMC on-site commissioning engineers.

Temporary traffic light being moved into position.
Innovative Portable system.


All Go Traffic Management units have been fitted with TrackIt247 GPS trackers, providing us with real time monitoring information about the battery levels, status and location of our equipment.

This technology enables our teams to remotely confirm reports received about temporary traffic lights or other traffic measures, reducing wasted journey time and our carbon footprint. Subsequently, this results in a better-quality service for road users and cost savings for clients.

  • The devices that we are installing can not only track the location your traffic lights live – but monitor the mobile traffic light battery voltage and alert the operatives when the batteries require changing. This eliminates guesswork and unnecessary wasted  journeys.  
  • Security – if the traffic lights are stolen for their batteries – the on board tracker will alert the operatives that the battery has been unplugged.  And the tracker will continue to track for up to 8 hours on its internal back up batteries. We have recovered many traffic lights this way.
  • We have introduced our new TLS system (Traffic Light Status) – This is where the your operatives can monitor traffic light are also working ie. The Traffic Light LED are going RED/GREEN live from our portal. This eliminates false call outs and again unnecessary wasted journeys.
  • And all this can be done from our online based web based software and from any mobile device!