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12-03-24 |

Jack Crosby shares his story

Jack works in our Essex Depot as a Project Manager.

I was working on a 2-way and we had an issue with a bus driver saying that he couldn’t get past the site due to width. I beckoned him through and with that he opened the window and yelled a ton of verbal abuse and made violent threats. The bus got through with no issues and the works carried on.

Another time I was installing a road closure in the early morning. It was a private road and at 5am so I didn’t turn on the beacons so I would not annoy the residents. As I was putting out the closure, I had an older man approach me screaming in anger and making and physical threats.

He was telling me I was stupid for installing a closure there, I tried to calm him down and replied I was just doing my job. He then attempted to remove the signage and throw it across the road. The incident continued for around 20 minutes before we agreed that I would leave the kit there and someone will pick it up if he was correct.

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